With over 60 years of experience and a record number of achievements in real estate, IGI is well-positioned for success in its endeavors developing commercial, residential, hotel and office properties. IGI has built a strong global presence, with investments and teams in New York, London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Budapest. Innovative thinking, a strong financial backbone and a breadth of experience give IGI a competitive advantage in the global arena of upscale real estate development. IGI USA, the US arm of IGI, is a fully integrated development company based in New York City. IGI USA focuses primarily on multi-family conversions and new residential real estate development projects. The firm’s expertise is in developing innovative residential buildings with a focus on aesthetics and detail.

    Under the guidance of Eran Chen, Founder and Creative Director, ODA is recognized for creating sophisticated and memorable environments through inventive and thoughtful design. By transforming ideas and creating unique and iconic architecture, ODA is a leader in contemporary design; bringing discipline, respect and intuition to our work, particularly in the high-end residential market. For 93 Worth Street, ODA’s design choices are deeply rooted in reality and practicality with careful analysis of every detail. By adopting a holistic design approach, we integrate the building architecture with interior architecture shaping deeply personal and refined spaces, revealing unexpected elements and timeless character.

    Bringing 93 Worth’s 92 residences to market is CORE Group Marketing - a dynamic, full-service, boutique-style real estate and advisory firm. CORE specializes in the sales and marketing of premier residential properties throughout the United States, as well as abroad, through an approach that is based on personalized service, integrity, efficiency, exposure and responsiveness. Based in New York City, CORE has assembled a team of top real estate professionals for 93 Worth.

    IF Studio LLC is a brand communications agency that specializes in luxury lifestyle branding for real estate, hospitality, fashion and beauty. Its work encompasses the development of image, content and strategy, creating distinctive experiences that connect consumers and brands on an emotional level. IF Studio believes in the power of brands to enhance, enlighten and inspire.