"I remember very clearly coming to 93 Worth for the first time, walking through the building, finding the rhythm of the columns, the size of the windows, the height of the ceilings, the floors that lay down perfectly for residential apartments. There was something really poetic about the beauty of the vertical lines within the roughness and industrial character of the building."

    "The original large floor plates allowed us to create generous layouts with flow, scale and light that work well for a one-bedroom residence as well as a three-bedroom home."

    "What this building has is an amazing resource on the roof. It really captures all of the urban activities one would do outdoors, in a park, right here in one place."

    "If you’re interested in history, Tribeca’s a really great neighborhood in New York, because its an area thats very visually communicative. It’s an area where you can actually see a lot of history because most of the architecture is original."

    "Tribeca is a special place that I’ve seen evolve over the past 15 years into one of the best residential neighborhoods in the world. When you walk through the cobblestone streets, you start to understand how the people spend their days, and how the neighborhood has really become an extension of their lives."